Wrapping up the summer!

As the summer comes to an end I just want to share some of the events that went on over the summer at the library!

With the help of other directors from some of the libraries in SEKLS, all of the books in the library were gone through, and many were put out for our book sale. Any books that had not been checked out in over 10 years were for sale. It went very well and we made over $400.00. I want to thank everyone for their support.

July 28,29, and 30 we had our summer reading program. The theme was pirates! We had a wonderful turn out. Day one we had 11 kids and we made our own parrots to sit on our shoulders and took pictures in a cut out of a pirate, then read the book How I Became a Pirate. Day 2 we had 17 kids. We made our own pirate flags and read Pirates Don’t Change Diapers. Day 3 we had 16 kids and we went on a treasure hunt. It was a lot of fun!